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2020 ASPBM symposium

2020 KRSTA and ASPBM Virtual Annual Meeting


  • Event Period
    2020-11-14 (sat)
  • Application period
    2020-11-10 00:00 (tue) ~ 2020-11-12 00:00 (thu)
Event Info
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Time Content Lecturer Replay
AM 09:20 ~ AM 09:30 Opening Remark
Lee Jeongjae
Chairman of KRSTA
AM 09:30 ~ AM 10:30 Session I: Cutting edge knowledge and treatment of anemia

9:30~10:30 20 minutes each (15 minutes presentation, 5 minutes discussion)

1. Obstetric anemia (IDA) Obstetrics and Gynecology Seoul Soonchunhyang Hospital Jeongwon Oh

2. Preoperation anemia with chronic disease Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Hyunjoo Shin, Korea University

3. Iatrogenic anemia, Department of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, Sanggye Paik Hospital, Byung-Hoon Yoo
Youngjin Yoo
Sanggye Paik Hospital
AM 10:30 ~ AM 11:30 Session II : High-dose iron preparations

10: 30~11:30 20 minutes each (15 minutes presentation, 5 minutes discussion)

1. Method of using high-dose iron preparations and side effects of anesthesia and pain medicine

2. Benefits of high-dose iron preparations Department of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine Yonsei University Koo Bonnyeo

3. Changes in insurance standards for intravenous iron preparations, Sanggye Paik Hospital Insurance Review Office Park Si-Hyun
Jae-Hwan Ko
Ilsan Paik Hospital
AM 11:30 ~ AM 11:50 Coffee Break

AM 11:50 ~ PM 12:50 Session III : Blood transfusion replacement therapy in the intensive care unit

11:50~12:50 20 minutes each (15 minutes presentation, 5 minutes discussion)

1. Bloodless therapy in critically ill patients Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Seoul National University Hospital Hogeul Ryu

2. Patient blood management in traumatic injury patients Department of Emergency Medicine, Pusan National University Hospital Seokran Yeom

3. Patient blood management for Neonatal and Pediatrics Department of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery Bucheon Sejong Hospital Chang-Ha Lee
Jeongjae Lee
Soonchunhyang Hospital, Seoul
PM 12:50 ~ PM 13:50 Luncheon Break

PM 13:50 ~ PM 15:10 Session VI : Non-surgical Interventional Treatments

13:50~15:10 20 minutes each (15 minutes presentation, 5 minutes discussion)

1. Neurosurgery Sook-Young Shim, Seoul Paik Hospital

2. Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Sangye Paik Hospital, Eui-Seok Eui

3. Department of Radiology, Soonchunhyang, Hosital Seoul Yeoul Yun

4. Gastrointestinal Internal Medicine Seoul Paik Hospital, Moon Jeong-seop
Byung-Hoon Yoo
Sangye Paik Hospital
PM 15:10 ~ PM 15:30 Coffee Break

PM 15:30 ~ PM 17:30 Session V : KPBM and PBM in the World

15:30~17:30 30 minutes each (20 presentations, 10 minutes discussion)

1. PBM Challenges, successes and creative solutions in China, Prof Ji Hongwen (China)

2. The Challenges of implementing PBM in Malaysia, Mandy Yap (Malaysia)

3. Experiences of PBM in Philippines, Dr Danilo Kuizon (Philippines)

4. The role of SABM in PBM, Sherri Ozawa, RN (USA)
Lee Kyuyeol,
Dr AnanthiKrishnamoorthy
PM 17:30 ~ PM 17:40 Closing Remark
Lee Kyuyeol
Chairman of ASPBM
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